Circuit Breakers

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Circuit Breaker Type AMF Panels

Contactor Type
Panels fitted with two electrically and mechanically interlocked contactors.
Circuit Breaker Type
Panels fitted with two electrically and mechanically interlocked circuit breakers.
Motorised Device Type
Panels fitted with a three or four pole motorised isolator

Circuit Breaker type amf panels  include electrical operated circuit breakers as their switching devices. The main difference between this type of amf panel and the others is that the circuit breakers offer overcurrent and short circuit protection to the system and the others do not.There are two different types of breakers :-

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
Air Circuit Breakers

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers range from 100 Amps up to 1250 Amps and are usually sited side by side within the panel and are electrically and mechanically interlocked.
Air Circuit Breakers range from 1600 Amps up to 3150 Amps and are usually mounted vertically within the panel and are also electrically and mechanically interlocked. These interlocks are to prevent any inadvertent cross over of the two supplies.
The breakers can be triple pole or four pole for three phase three wire systems and three phase four wire systems respectively.

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All amf panels are fitted with the following as standard :-

Variable Three Phase Mains Sensing
Mains Return Timer
Delay on Start Timer
Delay on Changeover Timer
Supply on Mains Indication
Supply on Standby Indication

A comprehensive range of optional extras is also available.

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